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termite control servicesIs there a way to distinguish the difference between ants and termites?
One of the obvious differences between ants and termites is that ants have a three-section body while very similar termites only have two sections. Flying ants have wings that are the same size as their bodies, but the wings of a termite are longer than the actual size of the body.

If I have carpenter ants in or around my home, will that mean that I will eventually have termites as well?
This assumption is made due to the fact that carpenter ants are carnivorous and feed on termites that have made tunnels in the wood. A termite inspection can determine whether or not you have termites in your home, so contact Apex Termite & Pest.

Why can't I treat my home; do I really need a professional?
Pest control is a specialized field that requires training in appropriate product usage and application. Although industrial-strength products are available at your local hardware store, improper identification of the pest will lead to improper treatment which will not eliminate the pest control problem. A professional is properly trained to identify the pest problem and make the appropriate recommendations to eliminate them.

How much does it cost?
The cost of services provided is usually determined by the type of service required and the size of the property. If you would like schedule an appointment, contact Apex Termite & Pest at 786-581-7766.